Tax planning and advice

We are not a firm that encourages aggressive tax planning through tax avoidance schemes and offshore trusts etc. Our belief is that many of these schemes are simply unethical if not unlawful, are more trouble than they are worth, and often fall foul of tax law. Our approach to tax planning, is to take advantage of the tax laws in place which are designed by government to save individuals and businesses tax legitimately. As a client of Joel Richmond, we will always have your interests at the foremost of our considerations, and seek to save you tax where possible.

We are a small practice, and don’t admit to knowing everything. That is why we work closely with many experts in different fields of tax including VAT, income tax and national insurance, corporation tax, inheritance tax, trust tax and international tax. Some of the experts we work closely with are from Top 20 firms, so you can trust that we can get the best expert advice for you.